The Secret Garden Party

21st – 24th July 2016

Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire



The Secret Garden Party is an annual independent arts and music festival, which takes place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon.

The festival was created in 2004 by Fred Fellows as an alternative to established mainstream music festivals. Since then it has has increased in popularity and size. It has gone from having just one stage and 1,000 visitors in 2004, to more than 15 stages and 26,000 revellers in 2011. The festival has been granted a permanent licence with a capacity of up to 32,000 for each of the four days.

Located in the grounds of a Georgian farm house with a 220 acre landscaped garden, which includes its own lake and a river. As well as an eclectic musical mix, the Secret Garden Party offers lots of weird and wonderful activities for kids and adults alike.

A crazy festival party where everyone joins in and brimming with ideas and creativity. You can expect to find art constellations, mermaid school, guerilla science, virtual reality, paint fights, floating dance floors, laser wars, cosmic knitting, space safari, 24 hour pub, 24-hour woodland parties, boating lake & bathing, sanctuary & hot tubs, massage area, live theatre & comedy, exotic life drawing, the get high high jump, organic food stalls, the forum, camp fire tales from the outer limits, mud wrestling, dance-offs, kids’ area, fine dining, little gay brother bar, and science meets fiction.

The Secret Garden Party is a festival without sponsorship and also supports The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), which aims to prevent male suicide in the United Kingdom.offers an eclectic musical mix.


the secret garden party logo with red admiral butterfly

2016 Line Up

The Secret garden party artist line up

Ticket Availability & Info

Secret Garden Party 2016 Instalment plan tickets

Adult weekend £180: Instalment Plan D + £10 litter bond to be added

Adult weekend £180: Instalment Plan E + £10 litter bond to be added

Early bird weekend ticket + £10 litter bond to be added

Adult weekend ticket + £10 litter bond to be added

50/50 Adult weekend ticket + £10 litter bond to be added. Deposit

Teen Ticket + £10 litter bond to be added

12 and under

Family camping pass (at least one child 16 or under in the group)

Camper van pass

Dog Ticket

Donation – Abbots Ripton School

£3 donation to Energy Revolution

Face Value(£)     B/F(£)       Total(£)

£60.00           £7.99         £67.99

£60.00           £7.99         £67.99

£139.50         £5.50         £145.00

£180.00         £5.99         £185.99

£90.00           £5.99         £95.99

£135.00         £5.50         £140.50

£0.00             £0.00         £0.00

£40.00           £4.00         £44.00

£60.00           £4.00         £64.00

£0.00             £0.00         £0.00

£3.00             £0.00         £3.00