Once again, we meet on the warm sunny beaches of Miami for another spring, another round and another set. This year’s compilation comes at the hand of one of Get Physicals’ latest inductees, American up-and-comer, M.O.N.R.O.E., who delivers a great set of hot and bouncy tech-house tracks.

The journey starts with Daniel Dubbs ‘Steel Trap’, who effortlessly takes the lead and clears a sonic path with rhythm of steamy pressure while twisted steel drums flutter.

Paul C & Paolo Martini & Anek continue in a similar vibe, albeit deeper, before Penwood changes it up a bit with a taste of dub-infused afterhour bliss.

Next is the chart-topping Emanuel Satie edit of ‘I Get Deep feat. Roland Clark (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)’, this one speaks for itself, if you haven’t heard it yet – get ready.

Smash TV make a welcome appearance with a tight house number, ‘Daddy’, and carry the torch further to Ali O’sullivan – At Right. This one is another big blend of techno and house that is almost more tech than house with its massive kick and wonderfully aggressive percussion.

Finley calms the scene right about now with a chilly Experimental-esque track that finds its roots in a smooth, jazzy chord construct.

ZOHKI feat. DE VANNA present a bubbly house track that plays in a similar space as the one before, with ZOO BRAZIL changing the mood up in ‘Trum’.

‘Flashback’ takes us on another unexpected ride with some very particular and engaging atmosphere and organic feel.

Lastly, You Shtak give us one last shot of bass and adrenaline before the lights come up. A gritty, heavy track that turns and rolls on the floor, taking everything along with it as it slowly blooms to reveal stirring strings and a heightened atmosphere.