DJ Heather

Chicago House Music DJ, Producer and Pioneer,
DJ Heather wearing a white t-shirt and headphones, using a pioneer mixing set up, during one of her DJ sets.

Starting off playing a blend of soul, hip hop, RnB, jazz and disco classics, she honed her skills in small clubs and bars in and around Chicago, eventually becoming a respected hip hop DJ.

The cross over to house music came after playing hip hop at an album release party for LL Cool J at the Crobar. After the event she went to see Derrick Carter and some friends play at a House party.

Seeing how different the energy and vibe was, within a few hours Heather had decided to incorporate more house music into her sets.

DJ Heather, real name Heather Robinson, was born in Brooklyn, New York but now makes her home in Chicago the birth place of House music.

The love of music which she gained as a youngster, listening to her parents wide ranging selection of music, has led her to becoming one of Chicago’s most celebrated and world class international DJ’s and a true pioneer of the craft of throwing down on the decks.

An image of DJ heather's face that has been edited to look like its been drawn. it has two big red stars to the left of the image.

Gradually house music, which was gaining momentum in the clubs and parties, took over and DJ Heather became a full-fledged house music DJ, producing much sought after mix CD’s like her 2000 release ‘Tangerine’.

DJ Heather using pioneer turntables while mixing a vinyl record with a yellow label. She is wearing a black t-shirt and a black cap with her headphones on one ear.

In 1997 DJ Heather, Lady D, DJ Collete and Dayhota, rocked America and the global dance music community when they became the country’s first all-female DJ crew called the SuperJane Collective.

DJ Heather wearing a black t-shirt with gold writing and design, she is wearing her headphones over her right ear only so that she can hear the music she is going to mix in.

The SuperJane members who all had their own unique style, started doing monthly events to showcase and highlight female DJ talent.

They grew to be a hugely successful force, gracing the covers of major magazines, touring internationally, breaking down barriers and initiating a revolution for the female DJ.

DJ Heather remains a one of the most familiar names in the House music genre with a phenomenal career spanning 20 years, all while being a devoted wife and loving mother. The reigning Queen on the House music international DJ circuit, and true inspiration to DJ’s both male and female alike.

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