Fatima Hajji

Hard Tech/House Music DJ, Producer and Dance Lable Owner

When Fatima Hajji steps up to the DJ booth of any event, she will immediately lift the pace of the room and the crowd into a frenzy. Waving her hands from the outset, taking complete control of her audience.

The sheer pace and energy of the hard techno she plays and the ferocious style of mixing she brings, set her apart from average DJs content to simply blend one tune into another.

You know you’re listening to a true turntablist who has complete mastery of the her equipment, as well as the Rav3rz on the dancefloor.

DJ Fatima Hajji, wearing a pink top and orchestrating the crowd. Her hands are waving in the air while she is stood behind Pioneer DJ controllers playing hard techno house music
DJ Fatima Hajji looking through a plasma globe

Fatima has been carving out her own unique style and sound on the dance floors of major venues and events since 1998. Starting in the clubs of ‘Castilla y Leon’ close to where she grew up, this fiery Spaniard has gone from strength to strength.

This passion for the techno scene has helped her make the transition into the studio for the production and release of her own brand of hard techno music.

Black and white photo of Dj Fatima Hajji playing hard tech dance music. She is using Pioneer DJ equipment.

Her unique sound incorporates hints of Salsa blended with the African and Arabic undertones of her heritage, creating hard techno with hypnotic grooves that stay true to who she is. Following her successes on the dancefloors of almost every major dance music festival and venue around the world, Fatima also hosts a hugely successful global radio show and has established two successful dance labels, ‘Standbite Music’ and ‘Taikatta’.

A highly respected DJ, Producer and dance label owner, Fatima is an established techno music entrepreneur who springs to life in front of a live audience.

A true inspiration to up and coming female DJs and women around the world and the ideal medicine for Rav3rz ready to have some fun.

Fatima Hajji is the Cleopatra of the DJ world and the uncrowned Queen of the hard techno dance scene.

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