Deep, MInimal, Tech/House DJ, Recording Artist and Dance Label Owner
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With countless nights at some of the world’s most famous and exciting venues, SIS has become one of electronic music’s most prolific artists and producers.

An impressive string of dancefloor monsters have helped him earn a huge following from the club going elite across the globe, as well as gaining the respect of fellow DJs, producers and record labels.

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Burak Sar otherwise known as SIS was introduced to music at an early age by his musician father who used to bring him along to the gigs of his Turkish musical group.

Growing up in Germany in a small village not far from Frankfurt and Offenbach it wasn’t long before SIS was first introduced to and fell in love with the electronic music scene.

Being musically trained and able to play a few instruments coupled with the fact he was an avid record collector, he decided to become a DJ and like a lot of DJs he started to produce his own unique style of house music.

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His first release was on Nick Curly’s label Amuse Records in 2005.  In 2007 Nick and a few others launched the successful German labels ‘Cecille’ and its second release ‘La Garua’ catapulted SIS into techno prominence.

A black and white image of DJ Sis behind some DJ equipment, performing to people in a club, who are dancing with their hands in the air.

The release of ‘Trompeta’ the Balkan influenced dance floor smash, had a massive impact on the 2008 Ibiza season and is still a must feature in his live sets.

In the same year Germany’s Groove Magazine named SIS producer of the year and also track of the year for Nesrib with Trompeta coming in second.

On top of this he was named newcomer of the year by Raveline Magazine. After being signed to the Cocoon DJ agency he became resident of the legendary Cocoon night club in Ibiza.

Sis went on to launch his own hugely successful music label Cocolino in 2011 with his debut album release ‘Dejame’ and also began hosting label nights at Berlin’s Watergate club.

The attention to detail and incredible production standards on ground breaking releases like Breakers Paradise, continue to push the musical and technical boundaries of house music, delighting the ears of club goers at prestigious events around the world. Burak’s unique flare for musical production is sure to inspire the new generation of DJs and producers to keep moving the underground techno scene forward.

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