Stephan Bodzin

Progressive Tech/House DJ, Producer, Composer, Artist

An image of Stephan Bodzin's head covered with multi coloured face paint and looking to the left.

When you see Stephan Bodzin during one of his live sets for the first time, you will quickly realize that he feels the music he plays in every inch of his body. Head tilted back while biting his lips, the techno genius takes the crowd on a captivating journey through the mind, body and soul of one dance music’s greatest modern producers.

Stephan’s hypnotic productions focus on rich melody, rhythm, phat sub basses and vivid sound designs.

Stephan Bodzin headshot edited showing him looking in two directions at the same time

Born in Bremen, Germany, Stephan the son of an experimental musician who’s studio contained all the magical sound machines the future creator of the ‘Bremen Sound’ could ever wish for.

Stephan’s musical career began when he started composing music for European theatres such as the well-established Goethe theatre and the Ikarus dance theatre from Austria.

His love of pure electronic and analogue music soon saw him producing and remixing for the likes of Frankie goes to Hollywood and Sinead O’Connor. Then in 2004 Stephan gained further notoriety after collaborating with Thomas Schumacher to produce Eletrochemie, which was a huge hit on the world wide club scene.

The following year saw Stephan’s solo single Caligula / Marathon Man create huge interest and critical acclaim.

Stephan Bodzin looking directly into the camera while holding studio equipment leads

In 2006 after Stephan’s DJ brother Oliver had taught him to DJ using vinyl, the lure of the dance floor quickly saw Stephan thrilling club and festival goer’s worldwide with his impressive live sets where he creates mesmerizing, high impact tracks on the fly. Now across every continent, there is barely a club or festival in the world worth its salt that he hasn’t headlined at some point or other.

Stephan Bodzin looking down at and using a Moog keyboard while performing a live set in Berlin

His latest album ‘Powers of Ten’ is another creative masterpiece and exhilarating musical journey.

A soon as the eargasm that is ‘Singularity’ hits you, it’s clear you’re not listening to a hurried dance floor bore, you are listening to a modern day symphony way ahead of its time.

Another standout track is ‘Wir’, full of squelchy analogue melodies and jaw dropping basslines that are capable of entertaining the most ardent Rav3rz across the Globe for years to come.

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