DJ Green Velvet wearing glasses and a black and white t-shirt in front of a green light show background.

Until this point’ his music making was purely a hobby, creating tracks with a cheap keyboard, drum machine and four-track setup that started while still an undergraduate, at the University of Illinois.

Curtis discovered his innate love and understanding for Chicago’s deep-rooted house music scene that had become prominent throughout the mid-1980s.

Green Velvet (aka Cajmere) is the latest recreation of the Chicago born House music DJ, producer, multi record label owner and artist, Curtis Jones.

The multi-talented artist began his musical career in 1991 when he decided to leave his master’s degree studies to in chemical engineering, to purse his passion and dream of making music.

His first major success came when he released “coffee pot (It’s Time for the Percolator)”on his newly created “Cajual Records” label. He then teamed up with Chicago-based vocalist Dajae for “Brighter Days,” which entered #2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club chart.

In 1993 Curtis decided to create an offshoot label called Relief as he wanted to make something completely different from his Cajmere moniker. His first release from this new label was also the first Green Velvet production, 1993’s “Velvet Tracks”.

Curtis became the champion of new wave Chicago beats through the ’90s-known best for hits such as “Preacher Man,” “Flash” (a No. 1 U.S. dance hit in 1995), and 1997’s laugh-inducing “Answering Machine.” The decade ended with his first album, Constant Chaos in 1999.

The last decade also saw Green Velvet become a fan favorite across Europe, playing to huge crowds at festivals in addition to live radio appearances and club gigs. Numerous side projects and remixes under various names also added to his seemingly nonstop musical output.

The ongoing evolution in the music, career and life of the artist born Curtis Alan Jones in Chicago has been and will continue to be fascinating to watch and experience for his many followers.